Your Support Network

With Au Pair in America you can relax knowing we are here to assist you at all times

We offer personalized local support to our applicants as well as having the expertise and security of being a big organisation with headquarters in the UK and USA.

Our dedicated teams of staff and our local interviewers are on hand to help you from the very first step of applying to be an au pair. We are ready for your questions when preparing your application, selecting your host family, preparing for departure and during your entire stay.

Our worldwide team is dedicated to creating a safe and secure intercultural experience for you. We offer our cultural exchange program to young people from almost 60 different countries, working closely with long established and experienced international partners.

Our support structure in the USA ensures that both you and your host family are having a successful time together.

“It is nice being part of an au pair cluster. I know I can count on my counselor if I should need help.” Monika, 19 - Czech Republic

Global Support Network

Whether you are applying for the program or already an au pair in America, we support you every step of the way

Support in your home country

Our dedicated partner agencies that we work with will support you throughout the entire application and guide you through the matching process. You will attend a personal interview with one of our local interviewers who will also assist you in obtaining your J-1 Exchange visitor visa and Visa Sponsorship. Many of our interviewers have been au pairs, and have lots of first-hand experience and advice that they will share with you. We work closely with all of our interviewers and international partners to ensure your application and interview process runs as smoothly as possible. Someone is there to help you every step of the way!

Support in the USA

Our support structure in the USA is there for you at all times as an Au Pair in America. Our head office staff in Stamford Connecticut, and our dedicated local community counselors are there to ensure your year in the USA is the best time of your life.

Wherever you are placed in the USA you will be part of a cluster of other au pairs living nearby. There will be a local Au Pair in America representative located in the community known as a community counselor. The community counselor is there to provide support in your cluster for you and your host family, acting as a mentor to you during your entire year as an au pair. Your community counselor interviews host families to make sure they are suitable for the program, welcomes you to the local area when you arrive, holds monthly meetings and arranges social activities and events for all the au pairs in your cluster, advises you on choosing college courses and maintains regular contact with you as a caring mentor.

Additional Support

Au Pair in America is available for any of your questions or concerns throughout your au pair experience. In addition to your community counselor you can always reach out to staff at the Au Pair in America office.

We provide 24-hour emergency assistance for urgent situations.

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