UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course

A 19-week online course with UCLA offered only by Au Pair in America!

Au Pair in America is the only au pair organization that allows you the opportunity to study with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) through The UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course. We have exclusively partnered with UCLA to create a 19-week American Studies online course for 6 credits. The course has been specially approved by the US Department of State to fulfil the au pair educational requirement. Unlike a typical online course, the blended online format of the course allows our au pairs to study American Studies and have face-to-face contact with their local communities.

As a requirement of the course, au pairs are required to do a Global Awareness presentation, volunteer at a local organization, and participate in historical and cultural activities.

To find out more about this unique and exclusive course, please visit UCLA Extension. What a great experience, and what a great addition to your resume!

“Studying with UCLA has been a dream come true! I never thought I’d ever be able to add this to my resume!” Cristina Lopez - Spain

American Studies Online Curriculum

The exclusive UCLA online course only available to Au Pair in America au pairs

The 19-week program is in a blended online format, with media-rich, self-paced sessions and some instructor-led sessions.

You will read lessons, write, share resources, network with other students and collaborate on special projects. The 19-week online curriculum includes:


U.S. History: with mini-modules on Economics and Geography


English Language Study: including required weekly reading and writing exercises


Arts in the U.S.: includes activities reflecting the eras studied in the U.S. History module


U.S. Literature: with readings reflecting the eras studied in the U.S. history module


Career Counseling and Interest Inventories: to determine future career directions


To see a sample of the level of English you need to take this course, click here.

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