Insurance Packages

The freedom to relax and enjoy life as an Au Pair in America, worry free!

Keeping safe, legal and protected is important during your au pair year. You do not want to worry about medical bills during the best year of your life! Healthcare in the United States is expensive and the medical system may be very different from that which you are used to at home. Therefore, it is important that you understand the Insurance Plan and the options offered by Au Pair in America.

To ensure that you start your experience off safe and protected, we ensure that all our au pairs are automatically covered by our Basic Insurance Plan. You then have the option to upgrade your Basic Insurance Plan or add additional packages for when you go travelling during your additional travel month or if you are planning on playing any type of sport whilst in the USA.

Our range of Insurance Packages ensures that you are well protected and covered in case of any emergencies. Our Insurance Packages are offered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), the leading provider of study abroad and international student insurance coverage. CISI is part of AIFS family and since 1992, we have insured over 1 million international students and cultural exchange participants worldwide. Our relationships with financially stable insurance carriers permit us to provide you with wide-ranging coverage you require.

Your local Au Pair in America interviewer will be able to explain the packages in detail and provide you with full information. It is important that you understand your options to make sure that you have a safe and worry free time in the USA.

“No matter where you choose to travel, visit or tour, we've got you covered.” CISI - Insurance Provider

Your Insurance Options

Au Pair in America offers the following options and Insurance Plans for a worry free American adventure


Basic Insurance Plan: All Au Pair in America participants are automatically covered by the plan during their placement. The Plan includes medical and accident cover, personal liability cover and baggage cover. Details and specific coverage exclusions will be made available to you.


Travel Month Insurance: If you planning on doing some travelling during the Travel Month at the end of your stay, you must have adequate insurance coverage. Au Pair in America offers you Travel Month Insurance which you will be able to purchase before the end of your placement. You can purchase our Travel Month Insurance after your arrival in the USA.


Medical Upgrade Plan: This Insurance Plan offers you an upgrade on the Basic Insurance Plan which includes medical and accident cover, personal liability cover and baggage cover. However, this Plan also includes Emergency Dental Cover. The Medical Upgrade Plan must be purchased before your departure to the USA.


Teeth, Eyes and Ears: You are advised to plan a dental check-up before you travel to the USA. Ear and eye examinations are not included in our insurance. If you need glasses, contact lenses or a hearing aid, make sure your prescriptions are up to date and that you know how to get replacements if needed.


Sports Insurance: If you are planning on doing any type of sport during your stay in the USA, then we highly recommend that you purchase our Sport Insurance. Our Sports Insurance covers sports like Rollerblading, Scuba Diving, Ice Skating, Skiing, Sky Diving and lots more! Sustaining an injury without any Sports Insurance can be very costly! You can purchase the Sports Insurance after your arrival in the USA.


Automobile Insurance: This is not covered by our Basic Insurance plan. The host family will provide you with the appropriate insurance if you will be required to drive their car in the US. You are responsible for understanding the coverage you have and how much you will be liable for in the event of an accident or damage to the car.

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