Experience American college life with Au Pair in America

Make a positive choice for your future and your resume. Join Au Pair in America and be part of American college life and improve your resume by studying at least 3 hours a week during term time on a course that interests you.

Studying is part of the visa requirement on our programs; in order to successfully complete the program, and to receive a Completion Certificate at the end of your stay, all au pairs must complete the educational part of the program.

During a recent survey conducted with a large group of our au pairs, 75% stated that attending an American college or university was very helpful in learning more about the American culture and the American way of life.

Childcare duties always come first as an au pair and you must keep this in mind when arranging your class schedules. However, with courses available on Saturdays, evenings and during the day, arrangements should be easy. For information about education in the states where our au pairs live, click here.

“I am getting job offers without looking for them because of my fluency in English — thanks to being an au pair.” Anna - Poland

Study requirements

Study with Au Pair in America and improve your CV

Au pairs can fulfill the educational component in different ways. The choice you make will depend largely on the educational opportunities in your community and your work schedule.

It's a unique opportunity to take advantage of the American college experience, especially as US education is usually very expensive for foreign students.


Your host family will provide a maximum yearly contribution of up to US$500 towards your education in America and together with your Community Counselor will assist you in registering at college and choosing the right course. To meet the requirement, it's possible you may need to supplement the education allowance with your own money, so plan carefully. eduCare companions receive a maximum yearly contribution of up to US$1000.

Study Hours

The au pair requirement is 6 semester hours of academic credit or the equivalent. eduCare companions must complete twice the requirement of au pairs, and au pairs who are extending their stay are expected to take an additional 3 credits for a 6 month extension, or 6 credits for a 9 or 12 month extension. 6 credits are approximately 80 hours in the classroom.

Choose what interests you! You get to select a course of your choice. You might be motivated to learn a new language or pick from a diverse range of subjects like marketing, psychology, photography or literature. What a great way to improve your CV or resume.

the choice is yours

When studying as an au pair, you will be a non-degree student and able to choose from different types of courses

Au Pair in America is the only au pair organisation that gives you the opportunity to study with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) through The UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course. We have exclusively partnered with UCLA to create a 19-week online course for 6 credits. The course has been specially approved by the US Department of State to fulfil the au pair educational requirement.

Unlike a typical online course, the blended online format of the APIA Advantage course allows our au pairs to have face-to-face contact with their local communities. As a requirement of the course, au pairs are required to volunteer at a local organization, give a Global Awareness presentation, and participate in historical and cultural activities. To find out more about this unique and exclusive course, visit UCLA Extension.


Credit Courses: When studying a credit course, au pairs fully take part in class discussions, complete all course assignments, take the tests and are given a grade at the end of the course.


Non-Credit or Continuing Education Courses: This type of course is designed for a purpose other than working towards a degree. These courses are offered at some colleges and are often focused on furthering personal goals or career-specific skill sets.


Audit Courses: Auditing allows au pairs to attend a class with limited in-class participation, non-graded assignments, and no final grade. The cost may often be less than for a Credit course.


Online Courses: The only online course that meets the educational requirement for au pairs is The UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course.

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