Expand your mind through childcare, study and travel

Au Pair in America is a meaningful way to care for children and share experiences, bringing together so many opportunities into one incredible experience.

When you are an au pair you become an extended part of a new family, sharing your culture and combining childcare with a year of adventure, study and travel. Imagine pumpkin carving and playing dress up at Halloween, joining in the festivities on the Fourth of July or building snowmen in winter!

You will be a friend, companion and role model to the children that you will be caring for, so a genuine love for children is important!

Living with a host family and caring for their children is the perfect way to learn about American culture, and also a chance to share your culture with them. This is your chance for a real slice of life in the USA. Make a decision you'll never regret — the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you!

So you want to be an au pair...

  • Are you open minded, motivated and ready for an adventure?
  • Are you looking for a rewarding cultural experience abroad?
  • Do you love caring for children and have childcare experience?
  • Do you want to live with a welcoming American host family?
  • Do you want to make new friends from all around the world?
  • Are you ready for an unforgettable and amazing American adventure?
  • Do you want to study at an American college or university?
  • Do you want to grow as a person and develop life skills?

“I've always wanted to travel and I love kids! Being an au pair in America is a great opportunity to do both.” Malin, 20 - Sweden

Life as an au pair in America

Inspire, Influence, Innovate – be an Au Pair in America

The word "au pair" means "on par" or equal, which is exactly what you will be – an equal member of your host family.

Au Pair Life:  You will live equally as a member of one of our carefully selected host families in one of 37 states across the US for a minimum of 12 months. You will have your own room in the family home, all meals provided with the family and access to transport for your weekly classes at an American college. Don’t forget you choose the family you want to share this experience with!

Childcare: You provide 45 hours per week of childcare (not exceeding 10 hours per day) and receive a weekly stipend as well as room and board in return.

Travel:  You can explore the amazing diversity of the U.S. during your 2 weeks paid vacation, on weekends off and your travel month after completing your stay.

Study: Choose what subjects interest you and take classes at a local college or university or through an online course with UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). A fantastic way to boost your resume and experience American College life!  What's even better is that your host family contributes up to US$500 per year (and up to US$1000 for eduCare per year) towards this! 

Life as an Au Pair in America is a rewarding, and a truly cultural experience. You will not only get to know the American lifestyle, you will also make many international friends as one of over 4000 au pairs from more than 60 countries travelling to the U.S every year with our program.

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